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Jacob and Co. History and Watch Collection

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Pocket watch was taken as a matter of passion and pride in 60’s; however, nowadays wristwatches are in common use. People love to wear a wristwatch and used for different purposes. So many different brands with a number of watch models are available for choosing from. People have different attitudes towards choice. If you are looking for innovative and contemporary design watch, Jacob & Co. watches can be a best option. Bestclones offers Swiss Replica Jacob & Co watches with quality and affordable price. These watches are purely handcrafted by experienced horologists without compromising on material quality. Here you can find Swiss watch-making craftsmanship and techniques.

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About Jacob & Company

Jacob Arabo is the founder of Jacob and co. He emigrated with his family and arrived in USA from Uzbekistan (Russia) in 1979. Later he studied jewelry and adopt professional version. He founded his own company in 1986 and just in the age of 17 he was designing his own pieces in his factory. He was fascinated by fine watch-making and started watch production actually in 2002. Within five years, he became well known jeweler in USA and also earned himself an international reputation. In 2004, Jacob and Co. opened its own outlet in New York. Jacob and co. watches are more innovative, and also have its own recognition because of the material used like diamond-studded platinum. In this regard, an antique piece was introduced from the house of Jacob and Co. is Tourbillons, which is equipped with 31-day power reserve and five time bands. In 2007, Company presented its GMT model and the very next year there were presentation of the new collection in Dubai. Jacob and Co. watches have luxury handcrafted touch and now has become a recognized brand having fine watches and high jewelry.

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Jacob & Co. Watch Collection

One of the innovative watches is, and people associate the name Jacob & Co. with diamonds and no doubt company’s watches are defy description in their complexity and beauty. One of the close example of this is Grand Baguette watch that is the purely diamond cutter and shutters art. The Brilliant Skeleton Baguette watch can be another example which contains open-working techniques and horological gem setting due to an unusual design of movement. Similarly, Palatial Tourbillon Collection is multifunctional timepieces where you also get musical instrument combined. Famous Five Time Zones are one of the most iconic watches which now come in Ghost version. Electronic mechanism used in them to create a dramatic display, very popular watches among people for traveling. Jacob and Co. offers a variety of timepieces; the main watch collection is given below.

  • Jacob and Co. Tourbillon Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Epic Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Brilliant Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Royal Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Grand Watches
  • Jacob and Co. GMT Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Caligula Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Metropolis Watches
  • Jacob and Co. H24 Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Five Time Zone Watches
  • Jacob and Co. Global Watches
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Affordable Jacob and Co. Watches

To have these luxury timepieces are really wonderful, and some of them have unisex feature as a man or woman both can wear. Affordability matters always and due to the high price tagging every can’t afford the authentic Jacob & Co. watch then Swiss Replica is the second best choice where you can  get your favorite Jacob and Co. watch with affordable price.


History and Expensive Watch-lines of Montblanc Watches

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People wear watches with different perspectives; some take it as jewelry and other for timekeeping. There are different big luxury watch brands like Rolex, Longines, Panerai and Hublot in the market, but it’s not an easy task to choose the right watch according to your choice and personality. If your choice is a Montblance wristwatch then no need to worry, Bestclones is offering Swiss Replica Montblanc watches with quality and at affordable price. When we make watches more affordable, we make the People dream more achievable. Montblanc is basically a German company which deals in leather goods, jewelry, writing instruments, fragrances and watches. A white star logo of the brand is the identity on all accessories.

Brief History of Montblanc Watches

Montblanc the Germany-based company was found in 1906 and actually enters into the world of horology in 1997. Early name of the company was Montblanc Montre S.A located in Le Locle (Switzerland) from where their watch-making legancy began. Within 15 years Montblanc achieve the maximum successes and now is well known brand in watch industry. All the jewelers were surprised when Montblanc was present very first time on the SIHH watch fair. In 2003, company launched the TimeWalker watch collection. The MB R 100 was the first watch from the own workshop of Montblanc in 2008. This watch is considered the most innovative of its era. After this in 2010 Montblanc present its Metamorphasis, which is considered a breakthrough design in horology.  2011 in the history of Montblanc was the time when first collection consists of fine jewelry timepieces introduced. Now a day Montblanc also forms part of Richemont and some other different brands like Cartier, Chloe, Van Cleef & Arpels and Baume et Mercier are sister companies of Montblanc. The company is owned by Richemont, from a rupert family of South Africa. Montblanc is the second largest business entity owned by Richemont.

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Montblanc Watch Line

Several models of different models of watches have been introduced through following watch line.

  1. Timewalker
  2. Montblanc Profile
  3. Montblanc Summit
  4. Montblanc Star
  5. Montblanc Sport
  6. Montblanc Travel Timepieces
  7. Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858
  8. Montblanc Star Nicolas Rieussec Monopusher Chronograph

Montblanc Most Expensive Watch Models

To meet the excellence the company also teamed up with the Swiss manufacturer, better known as Minerva. Minerva is very famous in producing traditional watches. Montblanc also famous in providing luxury watches and some of the most expensive watches from the house of Montblanc are listed below.

  • Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph                                                        $ 25,000
  • Montblanc Vintage Chronograph                                                                  $ 52,260
  • Montblanc Star Lady Automatic Moonphase Diamond                    $ 64,100
  • Montblanc Grand Choronograph Regular                                                $ 100,500
  • Montblanc Petales de Rose Motif                                                                   $ 241,200
  • Montblanc Timewalker Metamorphosis                                                    $ 260,263
  • Montblanc Exotourbillon Chronograph                                                     $ 274,700
  • Montblanc Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique                                                           $ 308,200
  • Montblanc Platinum Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses        $ 365,750
  • Montblanc Regulateur Nautique Chronograph                                      $ 388,600
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Montblanc is one of the best luxury brand from Swiss Watch Industry and its really wonderful to have a cool Montblanc watch. If you can’t get an authentic Montblanc then Swiss Replica Montblanc can be a considerable choice for you where you can get your favorite Montblanc within affordable price without compromising on quality.